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Millions of machines data.
One tool to take advantage of them.

IoT data visualization & analysis tool with a user-friendly interface, personalized features, and a high level of safety.

Explore dashboard with the most important data

Use your production and machine data to see what you are missing to make your business smarter. Look into the data, which are the most important for you at the time. Make a quick look or simple deep dive into them to know what is the status of the crucial data.

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IoT monitoring tool 7.png

Analyze what happened - be aware of what to improve

 Create analysis or use default reports and dashboards to control what is happening. Gather different types of data, make better decisions for your clients, and competitiveness. If you want to share it with your team just click to share it and show them your insight

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IoT monitoring tool 9.png
IoT monitoring tool 1.PNG

Stay in control - set KPIs and Alerts

Set any KPIs you want. Control if you are making an hour, daily, or monthly target. Just be aware of your production and machine usage are on the right track. Use data to be sure that you make what is possible not only what you think is possible.

Keep the light on. Create alerts to be aware of what and when is happening. Crossing important values, setting or not setting a goal. Just pot it on alerts and know about that in real-time. Choose if you want to be notified on the web, mobile, mail, or all.

IoT monitoring tool 5.png
IoT monitoring tool 4.png

Create, generate and share reports

Let your employees give you the right knowledge. Give them a tool to be aware of what is happening and let you make wise decisions. Do it based on nutshell information or more deep-dive analysis.

IoT monitoring tool 8.png
IoT monitoring tool 2.png
IoT monitoring tool 13.png

Be mobile, productive, and smart

Go through your analysis, dashboard, and all data on your mobile app. Receive notifications from your alerts and react in a second. All key knowledge at your fingertips.

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IoT monitoring tool 15.png
IoT monitoring tool 16.png

Are you not sure whether the tool is right for you?

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